A Brief Guide to Event Invitations

Planning your event is stressful enough, from the guest list to the food– it’s overwhelming! One of the most important parts of planning an event (aside from the food) is the invitations. The invitations themselves have their own checklist, so we’ve broken down a brief guide to event invitations to make your planning process smoother. 


The invitation you send to your guest should have certain types of information so your guests are aware of the type of event, date, attire and much more. Below is the necessary information to include on the invite:

  • Type of Event and Reasoning- Wedding? Bar Mitzvah? Baby Shower? Clarify the type of event you are throwing and the reason it’s being held; this gives your guests a good idea of what to expect!
  • When and Where- When is the event? Include the day, date and time. Where is the event? Be sure to have the full postal address of the venue or area the event is being held at. You may even want to include a map and/or directions if people aren’t familiar with the area.
  • Contact Details- Include contact information in case your guests have any questions that need answering. Your contact name, phone number, and email address can be useful for your guests to have. 
  • RSVP- If an RSVP is required for your event, be sure to include how you would like to be notified of the guest’s attendance. For example, if by mail, include a return address, envelope, and a deadline. However, if you choose an e-mail response, test the e-mail to make sure it works.
  • Plus One- If guests are allowed to bring a person with them, include them on the envelope–this can save confusion in the long run!


One of the most important parts of custom invitation is to define the style of the event. This is a crucial step as this give your guests a sneak peek at the events style. Is it formal and elegant? Or casual and relaxed? Take into consideration the type of event too, corporate event invitations are different from weddings. Taking all these factors into consideration can help the invitation design process be much smoother and fluid. 

When designing the invitation, you will have to decide the paper size, textures and colors to make it stand out. Invitations are unique to your event, so have fun with it! Keep in mind that when choosing certain colors and fonts, some of these choices are best suited for more formal and elegant events.

The Benefits of Traditional Paper Invitations

There are numerous benefits of using paper invitation for your event, from being more memorable to guaranteed delivery– you can’t go wrong. Paper invitations are customizable and have the option to be formal or casual depending on the event, this gives you the freedom to match the invites with the theme of the event. The best part about paper invites is they naturally have a higher RSVP rate than their digital invitation counterparts. You can’t go wrong choosing paper invitations as they are a great way to notify guests your upcoming event. For more information, contact the team at Invites Ink today to learn more about how we can perfectly set the tone for your upcoming event!


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