How to Address Wedding Invitations

How to Address Wedding Invitations

So you’re getting married. (Congratulations!) And you’ve narrowed down the guest list. (Well done!) Next up: addressing the wedding invitations—and just what is the etiquette of addressing wedding invitations, anyway? Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so? Or Mr. Joe and Mrs. Kelly So-and-so? And just who gets a plus-one and how are they addressed on the invitation?

Don’t worry—we’ve broken it down for you. Addressing wedding invitations will be a breeze with our easy-peasy rules.

Assuming you are sending a traditional wedding invitation with TWO envelopes, here’s the deal:

-Outer envelope is formal

-Inner envelope less formal

What does this mean?


Outer envelopes contain titles and full names of the invitees. 

Married couple with the same last name

  • Mr. before Mrs.
  • Man’s first name included
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Married couple with different last names

  • Man’s title and full name “and” followed by woman’s title and name
  • Mr. William Hanks and Mrs. Trish Carter

Unmarried Couple Living Together

  • Woman’s name first (title, full name), line separation, Man’s title and full name
  • Ms. Karen Wright
    Mr. Douglas Bell

Family with kids

  • Parent’s names only go on the outer envelope


  • Doctor is always written out
  • Doctor and Mrs. 
  • Doctor and Mr. 
  • The Doctors (followed by family name)


Inner envelopes do not contain titles and depending on how well you know the couple, first names only.

Married Couple with the same last name

  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith


  • John and Barbara

Married couple with different last names

Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Barbara Jones


  • John and Barbara

Unmarried couple living together

  • Ms. Barbara Jones
  • Mr. John Smith


  • Ms. Jones
  • Mr. Smith


  • Barbara and John

Family with kids

  • All names (kids included) go on the inner envelope, starting with parents
  • Boys don’t need a title until they are 18
  • Girls have the title “Miss” until they are 18…at which point they are “Ms”
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
  • (next line) Mr. Michael, Miss Kelly, David, and Miss Jade


  • Dr. Smith and Mrs. Smith


  • Dr. Jones and Mr. Smith

What about the PLUS ONES for wedding invitation addressing? 

Spouses are always invited. For everyone else, use your personal discretion. Something to consider is how long the couple has been together. Oftentimes six months is a good marker of a serious relationship.

Most importantly when it comes to addressing wedding invitations, try not to stress. Set aside time to properly write out your guests’ names to ensure you’re not rushed. If you feel you don’t have the time to oversee the invitations, we’re happy to assist you—send us an email or call us up!

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