It’s Time to….CHANGE THE DATE!

Are you one of the thousands (even millions) of people who had to cancel an event due to COVID-19 within the past year?


If so, it might feel like your event will never happen. Whether it be a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation, work promotion, or a variety of other events and parties, one thing is true: Everyone has been affected by this virus when it comes to our social gatherings. Luckily, we are here to make an official prediction: this spring and summer will be a time when we get to gather, celebrate, and cheer on our loved ones no matter what and when the big day might be!


But with all this excitement comes nervousness, too. We’ve heard countless people say, how do I even go about rescheduling/replanning my event? It’s happening in different seasons, at different places, with different people, etc.


Well, it all starts with an invitation.


Change the Date invitations seem to be the official ‘invite of the season.’ But what is a Change the Date?’


In short, it is a fun and creative way to re-invite your previous (or new) guests to your upcoming event with all the correct dates, times, locations, and any and all important information. For example, measures put in place to guarantee safety since we are still edging out of the pandemic.


Curious as to what a Change the Date Invitation might look like? Here is one of ours to view:


It’s Time to….CHANGE THE DATE! - Blog - Invites Ink - II-_COVID_Reschedule_Wedding-_Feb


Love the idea of a Change the Date but still are at a loss on how to begin to plan, decorate, or theme your event?


Do not worry. We have a suggestion for you that we don’t think you’ll want to pass up.


Hello, Mood Boards!


Mood Boards are a great place to gather your thoughts and ideas- especially for big events where there are so many steps to planning. This helps make sure that everything moves as smooth and uniform as possible.


Mood Boards can be used to pull inspiration, images, newspaper clippings, etc. Overall, a mood board allows you to get a clear idea, as well as clue in others to exactly what you want- photographers, event planners, florists, catering companies...and even invitation/stationery businesses!


Mood boards can be made by hand- think high school project boards mixed with magazines and collages OR they can be virtual- Pinterest being the most common form.


Need ideas of what to include in your mood board? Try these:


—      Keywords for Style (whimsical, natural, beachy)

—      Colors (including shades!)

—      Decorations

—      Food and Drinks

—      Flowers

—      Fabrics

—      Invitations


Once you have your mood board, send us over your ideas so we can get started on your Change the Date Invitations! Or, gather inspiration  mood from our Pinterest page, (Invites Ink! @territrepek). You can even build your own mood board/ page through Pinterest. Whatever direction you decide is best for you - we can make your big day the best there is. 

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