Labor Day: Social Distance Style

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Labor Day is quickly approaching, and you may be at a loss on how to have an enjoyable weekend while following mandated COVID-19 procedures. Luckily, we have the answer for you! We have outlined everything you need to know to host your very own Labor Day: Social Distance Style. 




Labor Day typically welcomes the end of summer for many. This is why sun themed invites are perfect for your occasion. Not to mention, if you go along with a natural color theme, this fits right in! 

You can also try floral invites, picnic style invites, or fresh fruit and veggies theme. Whatever you choose, we would love to help, so contact us today to discuss these options, or any you may have! 


Entertaining can be exhausting, which is why we wanted to highlight stress free methods to decorating. I mean Labor Day is supposed to be relaxing (and a bit lazy!) after all, isn’t it? 


That’s why string lights, DIY origami lanterns, and fresh flowers from your garden are perfect for a wonderful, relaxing evening out on the lawn. 


Want a color scheme? Try oranges, yellows, blues, and greens. These colors are natural to the environment around you, and help bring out cooling, happy vibes. All essential for a great weekend with those you love! Set up some (socially distanced) areas in the backyard and invite a small group of friends and family over to relax. 




Games are perfect for entertaining, but it can be challenging when 6 feet rules are in place. That is why considering outdoor games that are easy to set up (and are social distance friendly) are ideal for your Labor Day this year. 

Grab a cornhole board, a frisbee or maybe even a DIY putt-putt course and have some outdoor fun!



Summer is...a food haven! Fresh fruit and veggies are bountiful--take advantage of that! Labor Day is traditionally set aside for cookouts, full of burgers and hot dogs, chips and dip. This year, spice up your cookout with fresh grilled squash or zucchini from the garden. Slice up some tomatoes, set out some fresh’re guests will be talking about this all year long!

Adorn your food with fruity alcoholic drinks, of course. Try a mojito with fresh limes and mint, or make your own Frosé. No matter what direction you choose, your guests will love it! 


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