Let's Get This [Virtual] Party Started

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At Invites Ink, we think we know what you need right now... A party! Yep, you heard us right. We think it’s time you throw the [virtual] party of the year. And in order to help you do that we’ve put some different party ideas together for you. 

But what’s a party without an invite? It’s a get-together. Our spirits need more than a get-together, our spirits need a good old [new] fashioned party. So not only are we laying out the different types of parties you can throw, we’re laying out the perfect card to go with it.

1. Dance Party!

Turn the music up and move! Send your guests a card that allows them to RSVP with their favorite songs. That way you’ll be DJ of the year.

Host your party through Zoom, but once you’ve started the music, make sure to have other participants mute their computers. The DJ will want to change the settings of their zoom while in the meeting by hitting “Share Screen” and select “Computer Sound Only” under the advanced tab. Click “Share” 

It’s that easy, and now you’re ready to dance the night away!

2. Brunch
Did someone say mimosas? We’re in! Send your guests a card with a fun brunch recipe for them to try before joining the call. Or maybe just a Bloody Mary recipe. However you like to celebrate brunch...  we don’t judge!

3. Flip Cup Extravaganza
You know the classic game you played in college, well, it’s easy to recreate on Zoom! Just make sure each participant has a Solo Cup, a drink, and a table. You’ll pick teams and the order that they will flip. Just make sure to not keep the computer too close to your drink!

Send them a fun invite with the house rules to avoid any confusion when the games begin! Feel free to make your house rules as fun or different as you’d like. Maybe they can only drink with their non-dominant hand… break the rules...well pour yourself another glass friend!  


4. Book Club 

Make a custom card in the shape of a bookmark with the book you’ll be reading and the date of the party. This way your guests will be reminded of the date every time they open the book. Dual purpose, you can’t beat that! 


5. Scavenger Hunt
This can be a great one for the kiddos! Create a list of objects that each person would most likely be able to find in or around their house. Send the list in an envelope that says “do not open until the game begins!” You can have the kids meet on Zoom with their cards, and say ‘ready, set, go!” have them open the cards up at the same time and get to work!

Ideas of items to add to your list: pinecone, feather, paperclip, puzzle piece. 


6. Psychic Readings 

Your friends will be thrilled, or slightly scared when they receive a crystal ball-shaped card inviting them to an online psychic reading! There are plenty of options on the Internet to find a psychic medium to host a tarot card or psychic reading over Zoom. 


7. Comedy Night
Who doesn’t need a good laugh? At least, that’s what your invitation should say when you invite your friends to a comedy night! There are a ton of free comedy specials online and you can all watch them at the same time on your computer by using the online service watch2gether with Zoom. This allows you all to see the same video at the same time.  


8. Parking Lot Bar Mitzvah
And if the virtual thing isn’t your thing, well then it’s time to take the party to the parking lot. If it’s that special time for your child’s Bar Mitzvah, invite your 10 closest family members to the service and invite the rest of your friends and family to meet you in the parking lot. Have everyone show their support by honking the cars and cheering out loud. Set up tables of food outside. It’s a new age tailgate! We specialize in Mitzvah cards and can’t wait to help you put together the perfect card. 


Have an idea of your own? We’d love to help you get the invites out! Send us an email and let’s collaborate.


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