Meet Terri, Owner of InvitesInk!

Terri attended Syracuse University, where she earned her BA in Fine Art. Her creativity flourished when she first made her foray into the world of invitations and she learned she loved helping people bring their ideas to life. Terri officially started her invitation company and she’s been helping people ever since.

Terri loves art that brings joy—and invitations do just that! She has three kinds of clients—those who know exactly what they want, those who have an idea, and those who have no idea (and sometimes they prefer it that way!)—and she loves them all. Each client allows her to exercise her creativity differently. “Of course the biggest challenge is creating something from nothing, but those are often the most fun projects for me,” Terri explains, “but when a client knows exactly what she wants, it’s immensely satisfying to deliver that and to offer her customizations she often didn’t know were possible.”

Wedding-related invitations and mitzvahs are the most popular invitations Terri works with, but she’s seen an increase in personal stationery over the past few years. “There’s something so lovely about receiving a beautiful letter in the mail. It really brightens up the recipient’s day because it always stands out.

Regardless of the reason for invitations or stationery, Terri loves most of all helping clients create a complete spectrum of invitations, from save-the-dates to thank you notes and everything in between (programs, menus, gift tags—you get the idea). “When the theme is consistent, it adds to the magic,” Terri says.

While she has a store in downtown Franklin (across the street from the cider mill at 14 Mile and Franklin Road), Terri can and does frequently works with clients remotely. “You don’t have to travel to the store if you don’t want to,” she confirms. “Lots of clients prefer emails, texts, and Facetime these days. But for those who prefer to meet, we have a store and thousands of samples you can look through.” Don’t feel overwhelmed, though, because Terri is an expert at guiding clients in the right directions, even if a client feels lost. “Many of my clients bring screenshots off Instagram or Pinterest, or maybe it’s just a color they like—I’ll find the perfection invitation.”

Are you ready to celebrate? Send Terri a message.

or visit her at 32802 Franklin Road, Franklin, Michigan.





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