The Ultimate COVID-19 Change Up

With the changing of the seasons, it’s time for a change altogether. COVID has us feeling stuck and isolated. Everyday feels like a glorified Groundhog Day, and we just can’t seem to escape it. A lot of us feel bored. We long for human connection again. So, we try to find new hobbies, like dying our hair, or we try to find ways to feel more connected, so we text and Facetime more. Yet, we still feel stuck. 


What if Invites Ink had the perfect solution to these problems? Introducing….(drum roll please)...personalized notes and notepads!


Though this might not be what you expected, here’s why you HAVE to start using (and gifting) personalized stationery: 


Give The Gift of Gratitude

We’re taught from a young age- if you receive a gift, you send a “thank you.” Whether it be a meaningful hug or a beautifully handwritten letter, the message of gratitude and love was shown. Now, we send short texts, emojis, and voice memos that are nothing but bland and unoriginal. This is why personal notepads are a MUST. 


With these elegant notepads, you can send handwritten “thank you’s” to parents, teachers, babysitters, or neighbors. Or, gift someone their own. There is nothing more beautiful than giving the gift of writing.


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Bring Back the Beauty of Pen-Pals

Remember hearing stories of your parents or maybe your grandparents having pen pals across the state, country, or world? There is something intimate in corresponding through writing. As we sit here in our homes, bored out of our mind, we are looking for new hobbies. Maybe it’s time to write an old friend, or love, or someone new. And of course, your letter would look tremendously better if you mailed it in these beautiful envelopes:


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Spice Up Your At-Home Work Life

Odds are, you’re working from home right now. You have a makeshift office situated somewhere in your house, and everyday is feeling like a Monday. What better way to spice up your daily work life than to use these cute notepads: 


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Take client notes, write down information from company meetings, or set reminders for yourself of things to do later. Cute, easy, and affordable! 


Human Connection

We are in a time where human connection is lacking- especially in non-virtual  communication. What’s a small way you can connect to people in a more personal way during such an impersonal time? Use these beautiful notepads:

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These personalized pads are great for “in the kitchen reminders,” or writing love notes to your family, even gifting to other families after visiting their homes. The possibilities are endless. 


We challenge you...instead of sending someone a text to communicate with them, write them a note. We promise it will mean more.


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